See below for forms.

There will be $25/team fee for filing after the initial deadline date and before the past due date.  A team that does not file on or before the past due deadline date will be considered not in compliance and shall then be removed/denied from the league and the other league participants will be  notified.

There is a $50 late fee for any team that is submitting rosters late or late in payment. Incomplete rosters will be returned and no longer accepted, meaning please do not submit any players, who's homeschool is not listed on the (DNPE) Department on Non-Public Education website. 

You can verify a listed homeschool by using the link on this website. If you have players bordering the state line that live in another state, please scan and send proper documentation that indicates the player is homeschooled in the bordering state.                                  

NCHEAC teams will be required to use their conference rosters when playing NCHEAC registered teams (regardless of conference or region).

Teams must submit a roster before they can participate in conference games/matches. Any players not included on the roster or who have not been cleared by NCHEAC as being from a family listed with DNPE may not participate in any league games/matches.

NEVER add players to a NCHEAC registered team roster during the season unless NCHEAC has been notified first. FAILURE to do so may lead to forfeits.