SCHEDULES  (Regular Season)

1. To be eligible for post season, teams must play each member in their conference twice.  Teams are reminded our league is a home and away league unless both teams agree to a neutral site. Statewide leagues shall play each other once. 
New teams and teams not participating in the ADs scheduling meeting must accommodate the schedules of existing teams who participated in the AD’s meeting. 
A developing team may be allowed to play limited games at the board's discretion.  If they play less than the full schedule for their conference, these games will be counted as forfeits, but they will be allowed to play in the tournament.
2. If a team is in a conference where they are the only team, they must play the teams in the other conference(s) in their region. This rule would not apply when there is only 1 team in the Eastern or Western Region.
3. Do not schedule games in facilities unless you are certain that you can assure the availability of the facility and that the facility is at least the quality of private school gyms. If the host team cancels due to lack of gym availability and is not able to reschedule, that would count as a forfeit.
4. In basketball, for varsity only, teams in the Eastern Region & Western Region shall compete as a single league. Once the conference game is agreed upon before the season by the 2 teams, it cannot be changed without permission of the league.

5. Game Cancelation Policy of required games :
If a team needs (has less than the required number of athletes per NFHS Rule Book) to cancel a game/match, the following items must occur:
a.) The team requesting the cancelation must give a minimum of 72 hours notice (except in the event of inclement weather, which could result in less than 72 hours) to the opposing team.  Failure to do so will result in a forfeit, unless an appeal is made to NCHEAC and receive an exception. ** Proper notification shall be a returned e-mail or phone call prior to 72 hours before game time from the appropriate team contact acknowledging the cancelation.   
b.) NCHEAC must also be made aware of any cancelation and must also be notified of the rescheduled date as soon as possible. 
When games are cancelled, the game must be played within 2 weeks unless approved by NCHEAC – A game must be played if the team has the NFHS minimum number of players. Scheduled regular season games are to be completed before the post season tournaments.  Any regular season game postponed or suspended must be rescheduled and played on the nearest possible date mutually agreed upon by the two teams  involved.
c.) If needed, regular season contests outside of required NCHEAC conference play (non-conference homeschool, private school, and public school games) must be canceled to accommodate the required conference make-up games.
d.) If a game is canceled by both teams, it must be made up on the date when the home team can secure facilities.  If only 1 team canceled, then the team which canceled must cancel, if necessary, any game not required in the NCHEAC League in order to make up the canceled game.
e.) NCHEAC has the authority to award a forfeit to a team that does not abide by this policy.
f.) The Saturday of the final week of the season will be reserved for make-up games which were canceled due to inclement weather during the final two weeks of the season.  No games may be scheduled on this day unless canceled due to inclement weather in the final two weeks of the season.  
Teams are reminded to not move make-up games into the final 2 weeks of the season for games canceled before the final 2 weeks. Remember, the season ends on the 2nd Friday of February (February 8th in 2019).  The following day is not part of the regular season, it is our established cancellation game make-up day.  Leave room in your schedule for rescheduled games.   The following Monday may be used only with consent of NCHEAC in the case where the Saturday make-up date was used and there is still at least one required game to make-up or the Saturday make-up game was canceled due to inclement weather.  Any regular season game not made up before the postseason tournaments, whether the game was not played due to inclement weather or not, NCHEAC has the authority to hear an appeal from both teams and determine if a forfeit should be handed out and to which team(s).   * Failure to attempt to make up any conference regular season contest WILL result in a forfeit.
Should inclement weather cancel more games than can be made up, NCHEAC will decide which make-up games should take precedent, as this could affect regional tournament seeding. 
Also Note:
Teams are strongly discouraged from playing non-conference teams that use players who played in the conference and then joined the non-conference team without sitting out a year (violation of the Non-Recruit/Non-Transfer Rule). NCHEAC, once they become aware of such
non-conference teams, will notify conference teams of their existence.
NCHEAC will monitor this situation to see if playing these teams needs to be changed to a forfeit.

g.) Regular season games against teams in another NCHEAC region are considered non-conference games and are restricted to the conference roster submitted to NCHEAC.
Game cancellations, other than for weather, should be due to not having enough players due to there is a death or sickness, not because players scheduled other events.  (This applies even when the best player is not there).