A. A student's homeschool must be listed on the NCDNPE website or receive email of Notice of Intent confirmation from DNPE.  Athletes must be actively homeschooled in compliance with North Carolina homeschool law as administrated by the Department of Non-Public Education. Therefore, no private or public school students (including those registered in the NC Virtual School or Middle College) may participate in any regular season homeschool games used for tournament seeding purposes or post-season competitions. 

Out of state homeschoolers must provide legal proof of compliance with the homeschool law in their state and must be compliant with the 50% rule for team sports during the regular season.
No out of state homeschooled students are allowed to participate in individual sport competitions.

B. An athlete must be a legal homeschooler on the day they are added to a NCHEAC roster.  They may not be added to a NCHEAC roster while they are still enrolled in a private or public school. Dual enrollment at the college level is acceptable provided the student has not yet graduated.

C. Must continue to be in compliance with all other applicable state homeschooling laws.