A. Regular Season:
1. Players must not have reached, as of August 1st of the current school year:
- Their 19th birthday for varsity competition
- Their 17th birthday for junior varsity competition
- Their 14th birthday for middle school competition

Middle School girls division (Basketball only) will be U -15 for the 2018-19 season and will be reviewed annually. (The purpose of this change is to increase the number of middle school teams with the hope of re-establishing the JV division.
- Their 15th birthday for middle school competition (Basketball MSG only)

2. Players must not have graduated from homeschool, private or public high school.
3. Players must not have been recognized as a senior in a homeschool ceremony for sports or other reasons including internet sources. Participation on a college team terminates all high school eligibility.
4. A Jr./Sr. Declaration Form shall only be required when a player declares as a junior prior to their 17th birthday or as a senior on or before their 18th birthday.  Players will be considered a junior if they become 17 on or before August 1st or a senior if 18 on or before August 1st  of the current athletic year.  Players are limited to one junior and one senior year, unless they are awarded an extra year of eligibility by the NCHEAC due to extensive injury or significant family emergency. (This extension of eligibility shall still be controlled by the age rule, as well as all other eligibility rules.)  This declaration will be by a form signed  by the athlete’s custodial parent(s).  NCHEAC will provide the form to be downloaded at:
Junior/Senior “Red Shirt” dates are: Fall – Sept. 15; / Winter – Dec. 24; / Spring – Apr. 15
(Red Shirt means if an extensive injury/family emergency occurs to a player before the noted sports season date and the player did not participate in any NCHEAC games during the same season after the noted date.)  Form found at:
5. Players must be on an approved roster and be an official homeschooler on the day they are added to the roster.

Players may not be placed on the roster until they are in state and their homeschool is approved by NCDNPE (confirmation of an open school, not just confirmation of receiving an application).
6. It is strongly recommended that no player under age 10 be submitted on a roster.
7. In the event a NCHEAC team or program folds, NCHEAC reserves the right to review the situation before players are released to other  teams.
No athlete may play for an NCHEAC league team with one program and a non-conference team with another program or school.

B. Tournaments:
1. Preseason : Must meet the state requirements of the state in which the player resides.   
2. End of season: 
a.) Must have  attended at least 50% of the conference regular season games, unless granted anexception by the NCHEAC Board
b.) All regular season rules apply.

C. Player Suspensions and Expulsions
If a player is placed under discipline by their program, NCHEAC will recognize the following:
Suspension – a temporary (up to 30 day) removal from team activities while going through an Internal disciplinary process.  At the end of the suspension period, the player must either be reinstated or expelled from the program. A player who is in this status is not allowed to move to another team in the league during the suspension.
Expulsion – A permanent removal from a league program.  A player who is expelled is not eligible to go to another team for 12 months.  Reinstatement in the league must occur before the final roster deadline for the following season and the player’s family must apply to the NCHEAC Board for reinstatement. The application for reinstatement may be made starting (or beginning) 2 weeks before the end of the 12 month expulsion.  A player may not be added to league roster until the reinstatement has been  approved. 

No player or coach with an existing Temporary Restraining Order filed by any league, player, coach or personnel may participate in the league.