Area of Jurisdiction:  All NCHEAC Coaches, Athletic Program Officials, Parents, and Players Principle:  North Carolinians for Home Education is a Christian organization designed to strengthen and support home education.
 Since the NCHE Athletic Commission (NCHEAC) is an extension of this organization it has as the mission of operating under Biblical principles.
 One of those leading principles is: "Whatsoever you do, do it all for the glory of God."  Since this principle should not end when we cross the lines of an athletic field/court or when we enter the stands of an athletic event, the NCHEAC has adopted the following rules.

1.) All participants of NCHEAC teams and programs shall behave in a way which cannot be construed as confrontational or as a verbal assault against any official, league/team official, fan, player, or parent. 

2.) Any league/team official, coach, player, parent or fan  may be subject to disqualification or ejection from NCHEAC sanctioned games and tournaments for violation of these Rules of Behavior.

3.) The National Federation of High Schools makes a distinction between disqualification and ejection. 
A DISQUALIFICATION is when a coach or player is assigned two (2) technicals or 2 yellow cards in a game for either rough play or improper speech directed toward an official.  The results of a DISQUALIFICATION is removal from the game/match in which the second technical is assigned.

An EJECTION is an automatic removal, even on the first offense.  NCHEAC is adopting an ejection policy for any of the following 8 behaviors:
(*1) Fighting which includes, but is not limited to, combative acts such as:
An attempt to strike an opponent with a fist, hands, arms, legs or feet
An attempt to punch or kick an opponent, regardless of whether or not contact is made
An attempt to instigate a fight by committing an unsportsmanlike act toward an opponent that causes an opponent to retaliate
Leaving the bench area to participate in a fight (contact or no contact)
(*2) Speaking disrespectfully to an official (It is the official's discretion as to whether this a simple technical or an ejection offense.)
(*3) Cursing
(*4) Biting observed by an official
(*5) Taunting, baiting or spitting toward an opponent
(*6) Profanity, directed toward an official or opponent
(*7) Obscene gestures, including gesturing in such a manner as to intimidate
(*8) Flagrant Foul for one of the above offenses

An EJECTION carries with it an automatic 2 GAME/MATCH suspension in addition to the game/match in which the EJECTION occurred. 
A DISQUALIFICATION (2 yellow cards in soccer/volleyball;  2 technicals in basketball, etc.) is a simple removal from the present game/match with the player being able to return to the team at their next game/match. 

4.) NCHEAC also additionally adds any coach who is disqualified from their:
* 2nd game/match of the season shall receive a 1 game suspension from their team's next NCHEAC league game/match
* 3rd game/match of the season shall receive a 2 game suspension from their team's next two NCHEAC league games/matches
* 4th game shall receive a season long suspension. (If this 4th disqualification/ejection occurs at the final game of the season post season tournament, this suspension will be enforced for the next season.)
Disqualifications or ejections from non-league games or league games count towards the application of this rule.
It is the responsibility of both league teams (in a league game) to report disqualifications and ejections to NCHEAC.
* NCHEAC reserves the right to otherwise suspend or deny admission into the league a coach for actions on or off  the athletic field/court which would have a negative effect on the league.

5.) NCHEAC shall enforce a two game suspension for any coach, player, parent or fan who is ejected for physically or verbally assaulting an official during or after a game.  The determination of an assault shall be at the discretion of the official  unless the officiating agency over rules. 
If a coach or team official verbally assaults an official after a game is over, TECHNICAL FOULS (basketball) or PENALTY KICKS (soccer) can be assessed which could result in overtime and even the reversal of the outcome of the game.
If a parent is ejected from a game/match, it is the responsibility of the homeschool program that the parent or fan is associated with ensures that this individual is not present at the next two league games.

6.) Ejections may be appealed to the NCHEAC provided incontrovertible evidence can be produced to show bias or error on the part of the official(s) involved.  The appeal must be reported to the league director or office in writing by certified mail with return receipt requested, or e-mail with return e-mail confirmation within 48 hours of the suspension. Suspensions remain in force while the appeal is being resolved.

7.) If one of the ejection offenses from section 3 above is committed by a player or coach after a disqualification, then the ejection penalties shall additionally apply.

8.) Coaches shall not to speak to players of the opposing team during a game.  Any type of conference with coaches of the other team should be done cordially and after the handshake line has been completed.

Berating officials after the contest by spectators
Unruly fans will not be tolerated. Fans may be asked to leave at the discretion of the tournament director at sanctioned NCHEAC tournaments. 

At regular season games, this authority belongs to the head coach or the athletic director of the home team.
Coaches may not question judgment calls of the officials. Only questions on a point of rule are open to question by coaches or game (speaking) captains.

In basketball and volleyball, fans/parents may not be on the floor in the vicinity of the officials or attempt to intimidate officials.

NO artificial noise makers allowed.

Bench behavior
The bench area shall be limited to current coaches, staff, rostered players and NCHEAC personnel. 
Coaches are encouraged to dress in a sport appropriate professional manner.