ALL CONFERENCE SELECTIONS   (Varsity Regular Season Sports)
Coaches guidelines for selecting all conference players/coaches:
(Note. For Basketball and Volleyball - players selected will have the opportunity to participate in an annual East/West all-star game.  Each team will have up to 10 players. The game is usually played on the Friday of the NCHE annual convention).   

1. Varsity teams in sports that select all-star teams shall nominate players from their team to aid the other coaches in the voting on the all-star team from their region. Coaches will still not vote for player(s) from their own team, but they may vote from the list of players provided or for players who are not nominated. 
2. Coaches may not choose players from his or her team.
3. If coaches do not return their ballot, by an allotted time, players from their team will be ineligible.
4. You can vote for more than one player on a given team. 
5. The top 7 (6 if only 2 teams in a region/conference) vote getters plus ties make the team and the selected all-star coach can pick the remaining players, but only 1 (This limit shall not apply in a 2 team conference/region, but additional picks from the coach’s team shall be done in consultation with the NCHEAC Commissioner) from his/her own team. 
6. See BASKETBALL / VOLLEYBALL / SOCCER appendixes on the league page sites  for more voting instructions.  Look under "SPORTS" for the league sites.
7. The coach receiving the most votes and the regular season winning coach will alternate each year as to who will be the head all-star coach.
In even numbered years, the regular season winning coach shall be the all-star head coach. Note: Year is based on calendar year the state tournament is held.

8. If the same coach is the top vote getter and wins the regular season, then the coach who finished second in the voting will be the assistant.
9. If there is a tie in the voting for coach of the year, the following shall apply: 
a.) coin toss if a 2-way tie 
b.) blind draw if a 3-way tie or more
10. Players selected for all-star team participation must be in good standing with their team at the time of  the all-star competition.  Players who were eligible league players at the time of their selection, who have since change to another form of schooling, may still participate.