Tournament Regulations:
A. Fans are prohibited from playing basketball on the courts during game breaks and between games at NCHEAC tournaments There is to be no use of the basketball court for shooting baskets other than by the teams scheduled to use the court.
B. Each team will be asked to provide 1.5 hours of volunteer help for each tournament game in which their team participates. Basketball teams are given at least 3 hours or 2 games (whichever is less) rest between games; volleyball 1 hour.
C. The team with the highest seed is designated as the home team.
D. 1) Scorekeepers/clock operators should be a minimum of 16 years old unless both teams agree to a younger person.  If a team cannot supply an experienced clock operator or score bookkeeper of appropriate age, then the other team can fulfill this requirement.  At the regional or state  tournaments, if the visiting team is unable to provide an EXPERIENCED clock operator, they shall be assessed a $25 fine and NCHEAC shall provide one.  2) Home team is responsible for the book & will use their book as the official book at all regional and state tournaments.  Visiting team is responsible for the clock at regional and state tournaments unless facility provides their own clock operators.
You will be asked to select a player or players from your team to be named to the all-tournament team. The number of players selected depends on your place of finish in the tournament.  First place is usually 3 players, second place is usually 2 players, and all other place of finish is one player.
The number of selections may vary by sport and teams in the tournaments.
F. Please adhere to all facilities rules regarding food or beverage in the building. 
G. A team may not have any forfeits and play in the regional tournament unless given an exemption by NCHEAC. A team forfeiting the regional tournament is not eligible for the state tournament.
appendixes on the league page sites  for more information.  Look under "SPORTS" for the league sites.
I. AD meetings for basketball will be held at the respective regionals & at the state tournament in other sports.