1. Team trophies are awarded to the teams finishing in first and second place at the basketball Regionals. This applies to all divisions.
2. Teams finishing in first and second place in a state tournament will each receive a team trophy, except in basketball where the varsity championship team will receive a banner.   In addition, each team member of the first place team in the tournament of the varsity division, for
both boys and girls, will receive a medal. 


Tie Breakers used for tournament seeding: (Based on regular season results within the conference)

1. Head to Head
2. Point spreads (of the teams in involved in the tie)
3. Innings won
4. Coin toss 

B. See BASKETBALL APPENDIX on Basketball League Page Site
C. See SOCCER APPENDIX on Soccer League Page Site
D. See VOLLEYBALL APPENDIX on Volleyball League Page Site

Playing area dimensions, etc.
For all sports, see NFHS rules, teams must abide by the recommended court/field regulations.