Boys Soccer All Conference

Players selected will have the opportunity to participate in an annual East/West all-star game.  Each team could have up to 16 players and will be coached by the regular season winning coach of the respective conferences. .  The game will be played on the 1st Friday of November (or other mutually agreed date) each year. Teams will wear their home or visitor uniforms and the expenses of the game will be paid from conference fees. Each team will be coached by the conference championship coach.

The top 11 player vote getters plus ties make the team and the selected all-star coach can pick the remaining players, but only 1 (This limit shall not apply in a 2 team conference/region, but additional picks from the coach’s team shall be done in consultation with the NCHEAC Commissioner) from his/her own team.


All-star game schedlued for the 3rd Saturday in May (depending on facility availability).
Teams elected by opposing coaches within their respected conference.
Coaches of the East and West teams will be the regular season conference champion.
Coaches and teams will wear their own team jerseys.