See the menu tabs above to navigate to proper forms.

Forms are changed as needed, so please always use the current forms on the web.   Please follow the examples given on the forms and completely fill out all fields requested.  Failure to do so could cause a delay in the approval process and could result in late fees or dismissal.

Forms to be filled out online are team and individual registrations and team schedules.  Also the NR/NT, JR/SR Declaration, and Red shirt Application are to be done online.

Forms to be emailed in are Team Rosters.  Email to

Forms could be denied and returned if the current form was not used.  Sending the forms to the state director's or NCHEAC board member's personal email address could also lead to delays which could lead to fines. 

For Team Registration - make sure Athletic Director, Team Contact, and all coaches have read the rules on this website and in the Rules document, and that they are familiar with all rules under NFHS.

For Team Schedule - only need the conference HOME game for your teams.  Please do not list your away games or non-conference games. 

For Team Rosters - Download the "Team Roster Spreadsheet" and fill out each field unless marked optional. See instructions on how to fill out the fields. (See Instructions and Example tab on the spreadsheet).  Please enter the fields in "proper case", and please do not fill in a field in all upper case, unless specified. Must provide roster for each team specified on the registration form. (See tabs on bottom of the roster spreadsheet form for specific team division.)  Coaches’ names and their contact information need to be provided also.  
(Note. ZZ may be used for uniform numbers if numbers have not been assigned yet or uniforms have not been ordered).  
Player name spellings and birth dates must be confirmed by birth certificate and communicated to NCHEAC in the order the names occur on the document.
Players in N.C. may not be placed on the roster until they are living in this state and their homeschool is approved by NCDNPE (confirmation of an open school, not just confirmation of receiving an application).

Do not submit any players, whose homeschool is not listed on the (DNPE) Department on Non-Public Education website.

If players are bordering the state line that live in another state, please scan and email proper documentation that indicates the player is homeschooled in the bordering state.

Teams must submit a roster before they can participate in conference games/matches. Any players not included on the roster or who have not been cleared by NCHEAC as being from a family listed with DNPE may not participate in any league games/matches.

NEVER add players to a NCHEAC registered team roster during the season unless NCHEAC has  been notified first. FAILURE to do so may lead to forfeits.    

Junior/Senior Declaration Form
This is only required when a parent indicates that their child (player) declares  as a junior prior to their 17th birthday or declares as a senior prior to their 18th birthday. The parents must sign this form.  If a player is declared as a junior by the parent, then they do not have to file a form the following season as they would automatically be a senior.  Otherwise, if no forms are received, all players will be designated as a Junior,  if they become 17 on or before August 1st or will be designated as a Senior if they become 18 on or before August 1. 

The Non-Recruitment Rule Form can either,  (1) be downloaded and filled out and signed by the parents and kept in the program's file (not to be sent to NCHEAC) or (2)  have the parent
fill out the form online, which is preferred by NCHEAC.  The form is required for league participation. (Note. If parents have previously signed a form for this child or another sibling - please indicate in the spreadsheet).   

The Red Shirt Form is to be filled out online. 
Players are limited to one junior and one senior year, unless they are awarded an extra year of eligibility by the NCHEAC due to an extensive injury or significant family emergency. (This extension of eligibility shall still be controlled by the age rule, as well as all other eligibility rules.)  Red Shirt” dates are: Fall – Sept. 15; / Winter – Dec. 24; / Spring – Apr. 15.  (Red Shirt means if an extensive injury/family emergency occurs to a player before the noted sports season date and the player did not participate in any NCHEAC games during the same season after the noted date.) 

The Concussion Awareness Form (started 2019-20) is to be downloaded and initialed by each participant and their guardian and turned in to the team coordinator before submitting the rosters  and participating in any league contest.