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Soccer League

The rules and guidelines that are highlighted reflect what goes into effect beginning for the 2018-19 season. 


See Deadlines tab for due dates of registering teams and submitting rosters and schedules. 

A. League Related Guidelines:
1) All new teams and all teams ordering new uniforms, must submit a proof picture of the front and back of their new uniforms before ordering, to ensure they are in accordance per NFHS rules. Uniform numbers are required on the front and back of uniforms per NFHS.
2) Regular Season tie-breaker sequence:
1.  Head to Head
2.  Point Spreads (of the teams in involved in the tie - capped at 3)
3.  Halves won  Least Goals Allowed
4.   Coin toss
3) Regular Season Point System for each match - 3 points for a win  /  1 point for a tie. Seeding for the tournament will be based on the regular season point system.  (Regular Season games will be capped at a 3 point differential when looking to seed the tournament.) Teams will hopefully get at least 2 matches in the tournament.
4) The team with the highest seed is designated as the home team, Starting 2018 Home wears dark uniform and socks.  (For Regular Season and Tournament)
5)  Home team must provide ball boys.    (For Regular Season and Tournament)


B. Game Related Guidelines:
1) NFHS rules require the home team to wear a white uniform.  NCHEAC teams must wear white when designated as the HOME team for league season and tournament play.  Soccer requires the home team to wear white socks.  2018 - NFHS - Home wears Dark uniform.
2) No official may be used in NCHEAC games who was/is a player, coach, or team administrative personnel of the home team, in the past 5 years.
3) Varsity Soccer must use 3 officials for conference matches.
4) NCHEAC will review reported cases of using the wrong length of halves and will confirm if the home team deliberately uses the wrong length of halves. There will be no penalty when officials change the length of halves incorrectly, unless instructed to do so by the home team which will result in a forfeit or the game being replayed.  Varsity soccer is to have a 40 minute half.
5) There is NO overtime for regular season matches.
6) Note: Soccer Tournament Elimination Game Overtime Rule
Each game will consist of two - 40 minute halves.  If the match is tied at the end of regulation then there will be two 10 minute overtime periods with a 5 minute half-time in between.  
7) NCHEAC has approved the following for teams to abide by:
a). There must be minimum of 10 feet of clear space (free of spectators and equipment) around all soccer fields. It is strongly recommended that the field be a minimum of 100 yards in length.
b). Adequate lighting is a must when choosing a sports facility to host your NCHEAC matches.

C. Player Related Guidelines:
1)  A DISQUALIFICATION - 2 yellow cards is a simple removal from the present match with the player being able to return to the team at their next match.  

D. Coach Related Guidelines:
1) If a coach or team official verbally assaults an official after a game is over, PENALTY KICKS can be assessed which could result in overtime and even the reversal of the outcome of the game.
2) ALL-CONFERENCE - Coaches can vote for more than one player on a given team.  For all-conference balloting : 
a) Refer to the instructions sent out at ballot time from the director’s email.
b) Coaches will continue to nominate from their team (no cap, but the number should be appropriate)  
c) Vote for the top 8 players as indicated on the ballot form.  You will also need to vote for the Coach of the Year. The all-around best player, the best offensive player, the best defensive player and 8 additional players with the most points, plus ties up to a total of 11 players will be named to the team.
All-around – 4 points  
Best Defensive – 3 points 
Best Offensive – 3 points 
Other pick - 2 points
Other Pick – 1 point
Other Pick – 1 point
Other Pick – 1 point
Other Pick – 1 point