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2018 State Tournament Results (Click here)
Varsity - North Wake
JV - Cabarrus
Middle School - Wilmington

2018-19 Volleyball Contacts

Name of Program Region Main Contact Main Contact Email AD AD Email Scheduler Scheduler Email
Alamance EAST Melody Knudson Melody Knudson Melody Knudson
Cary EAST Matthew King Matthew King Matthew King
Durham EAST Briggs Greenwood Renee Parker Kenan Greenwood
Harnett EAST Robyn Brown Bobby Matthews Robyn Brown
Johnston EAST Denise Strickland Resa Ferrell Lisa Summey
North Wake EAST Kyle Mendenhall Kyle Mendenhall Kyle Mendenhall
Wilmington EAST Kelli Strickland Kelli Strickland Melissa Batts
Asheville WEST Donnie Davis Donnie Davis Glenna Toney
Cabarrus WEST Carl Gambrell Jamie Kayali Carl Gambrell
Forsyth WEST Mark R Kozlowski Mark R Kozlowski Mark R Kozlowski
Greensboro WEST Kelly Esses Kelly Esses Kelly Esses
Southwest Charlotte WEST Gordon Fenn Gordon Fenn Gordon Fenn


See Deadlines tab for due dates of registering teams and submitting rosters and schedules.

A. League Related Guidelines:
1) If NCHEAC approves dual eligibility for a program, then the Committee feels that 8 players are a sufficient number of players to field an effective team.

2) In the East, the region will be divided into 2 conferences in the middle school and JV divisions with required home and away matches within the conferences, but in the varsity division all teams will play home and away as a single conference. If there is only 1 middle school or JV team in a conference, then that team must play the teams in the other conference.  3) The volleyball tournament will be a pool play arrangement.
4) Regular Season tie-breaker sequence:
1. Head to Head
2. Games won-loss in the matches
3. Point Spreads
4. Coin toss 

B. Game Related Guidelines:
1) No official may be used in NCHEAC games who was/is a player, coach, or team administrative personnel of the home team, in the past 5 years.
2) Conference rules regarding officials:
a). All volleyball matches, varsity, junior varsity, and middle school, shall be officiated by a referee and an umpire.  Note - If only 1 official is available, the teams may proceed with the match or defer Without penalty.
b). All volleyball line judges must be provided with a flag.

c). All volleyball line judges and scorers must be a minimum of 16 years old (unless USA Volleyball Certified with documentation).  In the event the home team is unable to comply with this rule, then the visiting team shall provide both line judges and the keep the official  scorebook.
3) Note: For Regular Season and Tournament matches :
All games must be won by at least 2 points.  For all divisions - each game is played to 25, except the fifth game of the varsity match which goes to 15.  For Varsity matches-  First team to win 3 out of 5 games wins the match.   For JV and Middle School matches -  First team to win 2 out of 3 games wins the match.
4) NCHEAC has approved the following for teams to abide by:
a). Volleyball courts shall have a minimum of 6 feet of unobstructed space around the court. In the event that such space is not available, the serving area shall extend into the court as far as needed to provide the minimum depth of 6 feet and be so marked.
b). The net height shall be regulation. Either team may challenge the height and if deficient, it shall be corrected before the match begins. The team challenging the height shall provide a tape measure.
c).  Adequate lighting is a must when choosing a sports facility to host your NCHEAC matches.

C. Player Related Guidelines:
1) A DISQUALIFICATION - 2 yellow cards is a simple removal from the present match with the player being able to return to the team at their next match.    

D. Coach Related Guidelines:
1) ALL-CONFERENCE - Coaches can vote for more than one player on a given team.
a) Refer to the instructions sent out at ballot time from the director’s email.
b) Please vote for the top 6 players as indicated on the ballot form.      You will also need to vote for the Coach of the Year.  The all-around best player, the best offensive player, the best defensive player, the best setter and 2 additional players with the most points, plus ties will be named to the team.   The coach of the year or conference champion coach (on an alternating year basis) will pick additional players to fill out the team. 
Best All-around – 4 points
Best Defensive  - 3 points
Best Offensive – 3 points
Best Setter – 3 points 
Other pick -  2 points
Other Pick – 1 point

Balloting for Coach of Year will be by a ranking vote.