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February 15-16, 2019
New Life Camp
9927 Falls of Neuse Rd / Raleigh, NC

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February 15-16, 2019

Gateway YWCA – 1100 S. Main St. Winston-Salem, NC; Courts 2 an 3

Salem Baptist Christian School
– Corner of Bank St. and Spring St. (Do not go to the school address listed on their website since the gym cannot be seen from there.)

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February 22-23, 2019

Ragsdale YMCA at 900 Bonner Dr. Jamestown, NC (No one allowed in the gym prior to 10 AM)

New Garden Friends 2015 Pleasant Ridge Rd, Greensboro, NC  (No one allowed in the building until 4:00 PM (Do NOT arrive at the NEW GARDEN RD CAMPUS parking lot prior to 3:45 PM)  

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Name of Program Region Main Contact Main Contact Email AD AD Email Scheduler Scheduler Email
Alamance EAST Mark Forester mdforester55@gmail.comJerry Brenda Jodrey Brenda Jodrey
Chatham EAST Doug Cunningham Doug Cunningham Angie Davis
Durham EAST Renee Parker Renee Parker Kenan Greenwood
East Wake EAST Lynn Adams Lynn Adams John Skinner
Goldsboro EAST Whitney Kaler Whitney Kaler Whitney Kaler
Harnett EAST Pamela Johnson Bobby Matthews Bobby Matthews
North Wake EAST Kyle Mendenhall Kyle Mendenhall Kyle Mendenhall
South Wake EAST Mike Cason Mike Cason Tyler Wright
Wake Forest EAST Kyle Jarman Stephan Boutin Stephan Boutin
Wilmington EAST Kelli Strickland Kelli Strickland Melissa Batts
Asheville WEST Donnie Davis Donnie Davis Donnie Davis
Cabarrus WEST Tim Harrell John Frey Brian Holm
Forsyth WEST Mark R Kozlowski Mark R Kozlowski Mark R Kozlowski
Guilford WEST Tony Childrey Tony Childrey Colleen
High Point WEST Tommy Millar Tommy Millar Tommy Millar
Rockingham WEST Julie Knight Todd Knight Vickie Griffin
South Charlotte WEST Jewel Abbott Jewel Abbott Jewel Abbott
Surry WEST Rodney Boyd Rodney Boyd Todd Hill

The rules and guidelines that are highlighted reflect what goes into effect beginning for the 2018-19 season. 


See Deadlines tab on  for due dates of registering teams and submitting rosters and schedules.

A. League Related Guidelines:
1) Varsity teams shall compete as a single conference (per region).
2) All new teams and all teams ordering new uniforms, must submit a proof picture of the front and back of their new uniforms before ordering, to ensure they are in accordance per NFHS rules. 
3) At tournaments, the team with the highest seed is designated as the HOME and wears white.
4) No consolation games, unless a third place team at a regional is needed to make up the fourth team of the upcoming state tournament.
5) If NCHEAC approves dual eligibility for a program, then the Committee feels that 7 players is a sufficient number of players to field an effective team.

6) Each team could be asked to provide 1.5 hours of volunteer help for each tournament game in which their team participates. Teams are given at least 3 hours rest between games. Fans are encouraged to sit behind or across from their team’s bench if such seating is available.
7) In the event that weather or other unavoidable circumstances, some games at the basketball regional tournaments may be canceled.  In the event that the championship games are canceled, regular season seeding will be used to determine which team is the number 1 and number 2 seeds at the State Tournament. 
8) AD meetings for basketball will be held at the respective regional tournaments.
9) Starting 2017-18 – For Varsity: The state championship team will receive a banner, while the state runner-up will receive a trophy.
10) Regular Season tie-breaker sequence
1. Head to Head
2. Point Spreads (of the teams in involved in the tie)
3. Quarters won   (Overtime is not considered a quarter)
4. Coin toss 


B. Game Related Guidelines:
1) NCHEAC has adopted the 40 point mercy rule.
2) NFHS rules require the home team to wear a white uniform.  NCHEAC teams must wear white when designated as the HOME team for league regular season and tournament play.
3) Basketball programs will be required to use a certified officiating agency (one under a regional supervisor) for conference games.  (This should include random rotation of referees).  No official may be used in NCHEAC games who was/is a player, coach, or team administrative
personnel of the home team, in the past 5 years.
4) Three officials shall be used for all Varsity Boys and Girls games (including Regular Season and Regional and State tournaments). 
5) Three officials will be used in the JV division at the state basketball tournament. 
6) All NCHEAC League games for Varsity and JV basketball must be played using 8 minute quarters.  
It is the responsibility of both teams to assure 8 minute quarters are used and if less than 8 minutes are used, NCHEAC may impose up to double forfeits   Middle School Basketball will be 6 minutes.   NCHEAC will review reported cases of using the wrong length of quarters and will confirm if the home team  uses the wrong length of quarters.  In games where less than 8 minutes are used, the board may issue forfeit penalties to both teams, pending investigation.  There will be no penalty when officials change the length of quarters incorrectly, unless instructed to do so by the home team which will result in a forfeit or the game being replayed. 
7) Scorekeepers/clock operators should be a minimum of 16 years old unless both teams agree to a younger person.  If a team cannot supply an experienced clock operator or score bookkeeper of appropriate age, then the other team can fulfill this requirement.  At the regional or state tournaments, if the visiting team is unable to provide an EXPERIENCED clock operator, they shall be assessed a $25 fine and NCHEAC shall provide one.

8) At NCHEAC Regional and State Tournaments, the number of people allowed at the table will be only 3; (1 visitor team clock operator; 1 home team bookkeeper, 1 visitor team bookkeeper).  Home team is responsible for the book and will use their book as the official book at all regional and
state tournaments.  Visiting team is responsible for the clock at regional and state tournaments unless facility provides their own clock operators.
9) Court Dimension:  The court shall be 84 feet x 50 feet with 3 feet clear.  Maximum of 94 feet in length.
10) Adequate lighting is a must when choosing a sports facility to host your NCHEAC games
There must be a minimum of a 10 minute warm-up time before all league games.  Half-time for middle school must be a minimum of 6 minutes and high school games (JV and Varsity) 10 minutes.

C. Player Related Guidelines:
1) A DISQUALIFICATION as a result of  2 technical fouls is a simple removal from the present game with the player being able to return to the team at their next game

D. Coach Related Guidelines:
1) If a coach or team official verbally assaults an official after a game is over, TECHNICAL FOULS can be assessed which could result in overtime and even the reversal of the outcome of the game.
2) Coaches will be asked to select a player or players from your team to be named to the all-tournament team. The number of players selected depends on your place of finish in the tournament.  First place is usually 3 players, second place is usually 2 players, and all other place of finish is one player.  The
number of selections may vary by sport and teams in the tournaments.
3) ALL-CONFERENCE - Coaches can vote for more than one player on a given team. For all-conference balloting :
a) Refer to the instructions sent out at ballot time from the director’s email.
) Coaches will continue to nominate from their team (no cap, but the number should be appropriate)
c) Coaches vote for the top 8 players in a 5-4-3-2-1-1-1-1 format when there are 5 or more teams in the conference 
d) 1 point will be added to a player’s total if all opposing coaches place them on their ballot   
e) Players must be named on at least 2 ballots if 5 or more teams are in the conference 
f) All-star coaches may only pick additional players from the nominated list until of these are used.  The top 7 (6 if only 2 teams in a region/conference) vote getters plus ties, make the team and the        selected all-star coach can pick the remaining players, but only 1 (this limit shall not apply in a 2
team conference/region, but additional picks from the coach’s team shall be done in consultation with the NCHEAC Commissioner) from his/her own team.  Balloting for Defensive Player Of the Year and Coach of Year will be by a ranking vote.

E. Fan Related Guidelines:
1) Fans are prohibited from playing basketball on the courts during game breaks and between games at NCHEAC tournaments There is to be no use of the basketball court for shooting baskets other than by the teams scheduled to use the court.