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Contact Mark Herbert if questions.

New Life Camp -  9927 Falls of Neuse Rd / Raleigh, NC

Click on the following attachment for schedule:

See the Updated Schedule Below. 

With possible snow we are going to delay the start of the tournament on Friday to noon.  In order to do that we will move the VG and MSG games from Friday to Saturday. The MSB games will fill in on Friday where the VG and MSG's were originally playing games.  Start times in Johnson gym have been adjusted.

The schedule below is no longer valid. See the one above.
See the pdf below just for tournament information on the first 2-3 pages.


Contact Ernie Hodges if questions.

CP3 Basketball Academy Gym - 1901 Mooney St. / Winston-Salem, NC
Salem Baptist Christian School  - Corner of Bank St. and Spring St. / Winston-Salem , NC

Click on the following attachment for schedule:

We will DELAY THE START ON FRIDAY TO NOON. This will allow our people who are coming from 2 hours away to not be on the highways until 9 AM.  So, the games at the CP3 Basketball Academy will not start until Noon.  Games at SALEM BAPTIST will START ON TIME AT 4:15 PM.

CP3 Game Times - Noon, 1:30, 3:00


Contact Ernie Hodges if questions.
NOTE.  Greensboro Day is replacing New Garden Friends.

Ragsdale YMCA - 900 Bonner Dr. / Jamestown, NC
Greensboro Day School  - 5401 Lawndale Dr. / Greensboro, NC

Click on the following attachment for schedule:


Game # Division Teams Winner-Result
01 MSG #4 Alamance vs. #5 South Wake South Wake 43-41 (3 OT)
02 JVB #4 Rocky Mount / Wilson vs. #5 North Wake Rocky Mount / Wilson 57-44
03 VG #4 Wake Forest vs. #5 Durham Wake Forest 51-23
04 VB #3 Wake Forest vs. #6 Rocky Mount / Wilson Wake Forest 62-53
05 JVB #3 South Wake vs. #6 Wake Forest South Wake 83-40
06 VB #2 North Wake vs. #7 Goldsboro North Wake 46-38
07 JVB #2 Wilmington vs. #7 Durham Wilmington 65-49
08 VB #4 Chatham vs. #5 Wilmington Chatham 56-54
09 MSB #4 Rocky Mount / Wilson vs. #5 Chatham Rocky Mount / Wilson 37-28
10 VB #1 South Wake vs. #8 Durham South Wake 72-26
11 MSB #2 Wilmington vs. #7 Durham Wilmington 64-33
12 MSB #3 South Wake vs. #6 Wake Forest South Wake 68-28
13 JVB #1 Harnett vs. (WG02) Rocky Mount / Wilson Harnett 53-37
14 JVB (WG07) Wilmington vs. W(G05) South Wake South Wake 64-54
15 MSG #2 North Wake vs. #3 Chatham North Wake 41-34
16 MSB (WG11) Wilmington vs. (WG12) South Wake South Wake 38-32 (OT)
17 MSG #1 Wake Forest vs. (WG01) South Wake Wake Forest 26-15
18 MSB #1 North Wake vs. (WG09) Rocky Mount / Wilson North Wake 50-21
19 VB W(G06) North Wake vs. W(G04) Wake Forest North Wake 54-49
20 VG #2 Chatham vs. #3 North Wake North Wake 46-37
21 VB (WG10) South Wake vs. (WG08) Chatham South Wake 66-50
22 VG #1 South Wake vs. (WG03) Wake Forest South Wake 67-44
23 * JVB Championship (WG13) Harnett vs. (WG14) South Wake * HARNETT 60-47
24 MSG - 3rd place (LG15) Chatham vs. (LG17) South Wake Chatham 36-25
25 * MSB Championship (WG18) North Wake vs. (WG16) South Wake * SOUTH WAKE 28-27
26 * MSG Championship (WG17) Wake Forest vs. (WG15) North Wake * WAKE FOREST 26-24
27 * VG Championship (WG22) South Wake vs. (WG20) North Wake * NORTH WAKE 44-34
28 * VB Championship (WG21) South Wake vs. (WG19) North Wake * SOUTH WAKE 57-43

WEST Regional Results

Game # Division Teams Result
1 MSB #2 South Charlotte vs. #3 Guilford Guilford 49-37
2 JVB #3 Cabarrus vs. #6 Avery Co. Cabarrus 55-14
3 JVB #4 South Guilford vs. #5 Forsyth Forsyth 60-43
4 VB #4 Surry vs. #5 High Point High Point 63-56
5 VG #4 Forsyth vs. #5 Guilford Guilford 35-22
6 VG #2 Surry vs. #3 Cabarrus Surry 56-50
7 VB #2 South Charlotte vs. #3 Forsyth South Charlotte 63-59
8 VG #1 High Point vs. (WG5) Guilford High Point 62-22
9 VB #1 Cabarrus vs. (WG4) High Point Cabarrus 64-36
10 JVB #1 South Charlotte vs. (WG3) Forsyth South Charlotte 68-34
11 JVB #2 Guilford vs. (WG2) Cabarrus Cabarrus 43-36
12 * MSB Championship #1 Cabarrus vs.(WG1) Guilford * CABARRUS 55-34
13 * JVB Championship (WG10) South Charlotte vs. (WG11) Cabarrus * SOUTH CHARLOTTE 79-49
14 * VG Championship (WG8) High Point vs. (WG6) Surry * HIGH POINT 49-47
15 * VB Championship (WG9) Cabarrus vs. (WG7) South Charlotte * SOUTH CHARLOTTE 70-56

State Results

Game # Division Teams Result
1 MSG East#1 - Wake Forest vs. East#4 - South Wake
2 MSG East#2 - North Wake vs. East#3 - Chatham
3 MSB East#1 - South Wake vs. West#2 - Guilford
4 MSB West#1 - Cabarrus vs. East#2 - North Wake
5 JVB East#1 - Harnett vs. West#2 - Cabarrus
6 JVB West#1 - South Charlotte vs. East#2 - South Wake
7 VG East#1 - North Wake vs. West#2 - Surry
8 VG West#1 - High Point vs. East#2 - South Wake
9 VB East#1 - South Wake vs. West#2 - Cabarrus
10 VB West#1 - South Charlotte vs. East#2 - North Wake
11 * MSG Championship Winner G1 vs. Winner G2
12 * MSB Championship Winner G3 vs. Winner G4
13 * JVB Championship Winner G5 vs. Winner G6
14 * VG Championship Winner G7 vs. Winner G8
15 * VB Championship Winner G9 vs. Winner G10

2019-20 Teams and Contacts

Name of Program 2019-20 Registered Region Main Contact Main Contact Email AD AD Email Scheduler Scheduler Email
Alamance MSG EAST Mark Forester Holly Forester Mark Forester
Chatham VB, VG, MSB, MSG EAST Nathan Coletta Doug Cunningham Nora Brooks
Durham VB, VG, JVB, MSB EAST Doug Dahms Renee Parker Mike Carreiro
Goldsboro VB EAST Brian Daniels Andy Stovall Brian Daniels
Harnett JVB EAST Pamela Johnson Bobby Matthews Bobby Matthews
North Wake VB, VG, JVB, MSB, MSG EAST Kyle Mendenhall Kyle Mendenhall Kyle Mendenhall
Rocky Mount / Wilson VB, JVB, MSB EAST Lynn Adams Lynn Adams John Skinner
South Wake VB, VG, JVB, MSB, MSG EAST Shannon Hughes Shannon Hughes Tyler Wright
Wake Forest VB, VG, JVB, MSB, MSG EAST Kyle Jarman Kyle Jarman Stephan Boutin
Wilmington VB, JVB, MSB EAST Kelli Strickland Kelli Strickland Melissa Batts
Avery County JVB, MSG WEST Joseph Wirtz Joseph Wirtz Joseph Wirtz
Cabarrus VB, VG, JVB, MSB WEST Tim Harrell Tim Harrell Tim Harrell
Forsyth VB, VG, JVB WEST David Hooker David Hooker David Hooker
Guilford VG, JVB, MSB WEST Brad Smith Tony Childrey Sandy Knipp
High Point VB, VG WEST Tommy Millar Tommy Millar Tommy Millar
South Charlotte VB, JVB, MSB WEST Jewel Abbott Jewel Abbott Jewel Abbott
South Guilford JVB WEST Dan Bausam Dan Bausam Dan Bausam
Surry VB, VG WEST Todd Hill Rodney Boyd Greg Williams