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Rules & Forms

Form links will follow the rules and you will be asked to confirm that you agree to abide by the rules and guidelines specified on the registration forms.  So please take time to read them first before registering.

All forms are being done online starting the 2018-19 season(s), except the team roster form will still be a download. You must use the download spreadsheet found below and must keep it in the same format when emailing it in at

BEGIN 2018-19

Additions to NCHEAC Rules and Guidelines effective for 2018-19 

* A developing team may be allowed to play limited games at the board's discretion.  If they play less than the full schedule for their conference, these games will be counted as forfeits, but they will be allowed to play in the tournament.

* Points of information: Teams are reminded to not move make-up games into the final 2 weeks of the season for games canceled before the final 2 weeks. Remember, the season ends on the 2nd Friday of February (February 8th in 2019).  The following day is not
part of the regular season, it is our established cancellation game make-up day.  Leave room in your schedule for rescheduled games.

* Coach Background Checks may now be done on the website.  There is a fee for this service that goes to a 3rd party vendor for which NCHEAC does not benefit.

* Teams are reminded our league is a home and away league unless both teams agree to a neutral site.

* Any team that recruits a website sponsorship shall receive a 50% team league discount for the season

* Definition of a homeschool team for the purpose of the Non-Recruit Rule and sanctioning: A non-conference homeschool team is a team with at least one homeschooler that is not a private or a public school team or is a team which participates in a homeschool tournament

* No athlete may play for an NCHEAC league team with one program and a non-conference team with another program or school.

* A new Non-Recruit form must be signed and NCHEAC notified when an athlete is cut from one program and goes to another program.

* The Non-Recruit Non-Transfer Explanation Form must still be collected, but it does not have to be sent to NCHEAC.

* Player name spellings and birthdates must be confirmed by birth certificate and communicated to NCHEAC in the order the names occur on the document.

* Players may not be placed on the roster until they are in state and their homeschool is approved by NCDNPE (confirmation of an open school, not just confirmation of receiving an application).

* Players are not committed to a team until they are submitted on a roster.

* Game cancellations, other than for weather, should be due to not having enough players due to death or sickness, not because players scheduled other events.  (This applies even when the best player is not there).

* When games are cancelled, the game must be played within 2 weeks unless approved by NCHEAC – A game must be played if the team has the NFHS minimum number of players.

* There must be a minimum of a 10 minute warm-up time before all league games.  Half-time for middle school must be a minimum of 6 minutes and high school games (JV and Varsity) 10 minutes.

* The uniform color of the home team is white unless stated otherwise in the NFHS Rule Book of the sport.

* Players pictures from games or team pictures may appear on the website.

* Out of state homeschoolers are not allowed in individual competitions.

* In basketball , fans/parents may not be on the floor in the vicinity of the officials or attempt to intimidate officials.

* All Varsity and JV games must be played using 8 minute quarters.  It is the responsibility of both teams to assure 8 minute quarters are used and if less than 8 minutes are used, NCHEAC may impose up to double forfeits.  The word “deliberately” will be removed and the following sentence added: In games where less than 8 minutes are used, the board may issue forfeit penalties to both teams, pending investigation

* Middle School girls division (Basketball only) will be U -15 for the 2018-19 season and will be reviewed annually.

* The uniform color of the home team is white unless stated otherwise in the NFHS Rule Book of the sport (could result in technical fouls in basketball). 

* Starting 2018  - NFHS rule change - the home team wears the dark color uniform.

* In volleyball, fans/parents may not be on the floor in the vicinity of the officials or attempt to intimidate officials.

The above rules and guidelines are effective for the 2018-19 season and will appear in the tab sections below and will be highlighted. 

Effective Change Date - 4/1/2018

2018-19 Rules and Guidelines

Unless NCHEAC states otherwise, all rules related to the particular sport will be under the NFHS guidelines.
 Each coach is encouraged to purchase a current NFHS Rulebook.
NFHS = National Federation of State High School Associations

Note:  NCHEAC has the right to modify the rules and guidelines during the current athletic season, should the need arise.    

The AD/or program contact of each athletic program must acknowledge that they have read and are in agreement to abide by league rules and guidelines found on this website.  The AD/or program contact of each athletic program should also notify each coach of the information.

Forms (See following links or use menu bar above)

Beginning for Fall 2018 Sports:
Team Registration and Home Conference Schedule will be done online. 
Rosters will be done by downloading the official spreadsheet form found on this website and sent in via email to
Payment can be made online here on this website or go to and pay there, or mail a check via postal mail.

Click here for Team Forms
(Includes: Registration, Schedule, Payment)

Click here for Individual Forms
(Includes: Registration, NR/NT, JR/SR, Redshirt, Program Release )

Click here for Downloads
(Includes: Roster, NR/NT hardcopy)

* See  tabs above for League Fees and Deadlines for when forms are due and for when payment is due.  Those tabs will indicate when the current team fee that is due.