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1. The athlete’s family must be listed on the NCDNPE website or receive email of Notice of Intent confirmation from DNPE. Athletes must be actively homeschooled in compliance with North Carolina homeschool law as administrated by the Department of Non-Public Education. This means that no private or public school students may play in any regular season homeschool games used for tournament seeding purposes or tournament games.

2. Student-Athletes who participate in the following educational programs are not eligible for participation in the NCHEAC League:
Public Schools
Private Schools
Charter Schools
Middle College
North Carolina Connections Academy
North Carolina Virtual Academy
North Carolina Virtual Public School (If the tuition is paid by the public schools) (If the student-athlete’s family can provide a receipt showing that the family paid the tuition, they may participate provided that some classes are taken at home.)

3.Out of state homeschoolers must be part of a North Carolina support group, co-op or compete on a regular season NCHEAC teamand provide legal proof of compliance with the homeschool law in their state.

To be eligible to participate in an NCHEAC team or sport, students must be in compliance with North Carolina homeschooling law which state:  a homeschool is a nonpublic school consisting of the children of not more than two families or households, where the parents or legal guardians or members of either household determine the scope and sequence of academic instruction, provide academic instruction and determine additional sources of academic instruction. Students who are receiving some of their education via dual enrollment in the NC Community College system or NC Virtual School are eligible, upon review.  Education provided by public schools, the NC Connections Academy, the NC On-Line Academy or any other public entity that provides instruction without the payment of tuition, disqualifies students from participation in NCHEAC sports. 

To play on a public school team, an athlete must take at least 50% of their classes through the public schools with at least 1 class on campus each semester.