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    Contacts - Team/Program Locator by County or City

    Name of Program Sport Active for 2020-21 (X) Registered for 2021-22 (X) Main Contact Main Contact Email AD AD Email Scheduler Scheduler Email
    ***** BASEBALL *****
    North Wake EAST X Sally Posey Jason Herbert Jason Herbert
    Wake County EAST X Mike Cason Mike Cason Mike Cason
    Wilmington EAST X Kelli Strickland Kelli Strickland Melissa Batts
    Forsyth WEST X Chris Clontz David Hooker David Hooker
    ***** FENCING *****
    Oak Ridge n/a - covid Eric Brown
    Twin City n/a - covid Michael Walsh
    Wilmington n/a - covid X Gregory Spahr
    Main Contact Randall Hinds
    ***** SOCCER-Girls *****
    East Wake EAST X Lynn Adams Lynn Adams Lynn Adams
    North Wake EAST X Missy Pricket Jason Herbert jherbert@newlifecamp.c Jason Herbert
    Wilmington EAST Not Active Kelli Strickland
    Asheville WEST X Jared Buckner Bryan Worthy Tanya Yoder
    Forsyth WEST X Diane Toohey David Hooker David Hooker
    ***** SWIMMING *****
    Asheville X Elizabeth Kerns Bryan Worthy
    Forsyth n/a - covid Terry Hanna David Hooker
    Moore County X Christine Hicks Christine Hicks
    Raleigh X Matt Finneran
    Southwest Charlotte n/a - covid Christy Claudy Christy Claudy
    Wilmington X Mary Teeters Kelli Strickland

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    2020-21 NCHE scholarship deadline ended March 31, 2021.
    For 2021-22,  application process starts in December 2021. 

                                           Attention High School Seniors in Class of 2022

    March 31, 2022 is the application deadline for the NCHE Scholarship Program.


    The NCHE Scholarship Program was instituted to encourage and reward excellence in homeschooling in North Carolina. Since it began in 1998, the program has awarded over $156,000 to homeschool graduates from NCHE member families. NCHE scholars have attended a range of two- and four-year colleges, including the University of North Carolina, N.C. State, and Duke; the U.S. Air Force Academy; Moody Bible Institute and Patrick Henry College, as well as non-degree programs in aviation and missions.

    Scholarship categories include: academic; arts; community service; scholar athlete; and missions and ministry (sponsored by Apologia for students wishing to pursue studies/careers in missions and ministry).  Every applicant will be considered for all awards for which they qualify.  Only one scholarship will be awarded to each successful applicant.


    For all scholarships, the applicant must be a member of NCHE, and  a legal, full-time North Carolina homeschool senior.

    NCHE member: To check your membership status, sign in to and sign in to your account or

    contact the NCHE office at (844) 624-3338.

    Legal, full-time homeschooler: NCHE recognizes the wide range of educational paths taken by individual families, and the selection process is designed to take this into account. For the purposes of this scholarship program, “legal” is defined as being properly registered with the North Carolina Division of Non-public Education; and “full time” is defined as a student whose high school education is under the parents’ supervision, and not being claimed as a full time student by any other institution.

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    NCHE Athletic Commission

    Welcome to NCHEAC (North Carolinians for Home Education Athletic Commission)

    Click here to see if your child is eligible for NCHEAC.

    If you are looking to join a team/program click here to see if there is an established program in your area (Team Contact List).

    If you are wanting to start up a new team/program click here to read the instructions.

    Email (correspondence and forms) : 

    Mail (correspondence and checks):
    4441 Six Forks Rd.
    Suite 106 Box 144
    Raleigh, NC 27609

    Pay Online Fees - Visit NCHE website at

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    (Consider joining NCHE as they strive to protect and encourage home school education)


    Statement from NCHSAA

    The NCHSAA allows member schools to play non-members. 

    For sanctioning purposes, the NCHSAA identifies schools of the following organizations as approved non-members:

    • North Carolina Christian Schools Association
    • North Carolina Independent Schools Athletic Association
    • North Carolinians for Home Education Athletic Conference (Commission)



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