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NCHEAC: Who We Are

            NCHEAC is an acronym for North Carolinians for Home Education Athletic Commission.  It is a sub-ordinate council of the state homeschooling group, North Carolinians for Home Education.  NCHEAC is a subsidiary council which operates under North Carolinians for Home Education (NCHE) for the purpose of organizing and administrating regular season leagues and post-season tournaments in the traditional high school sports in North Carolina.  NCHEAC operates according to the current NCHEAC guidelines as posted at

            NCHEAC operates leagues which are competitive in nature and are the homeschool equivalent of the public and private school leagues in North Carolina.  NCHEAC is the state supervisory authority for NC homeschool teams in its league much like the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) or the North Carolina Independent School Athletic Association (NCISAA) are for teams in their leagues.  The middle school and high school teams in the NCHEAC leagues are the equivalent to school teams and are competitive teams which are operated as such and are not classified as recreational teams. 

            The teams in the NCHEAC compete against homeschool, private school and public school teams.  The high school teams in NCHEAC have the status of sanctioned, non-member teams of the NCHSAA which allows these teams to compete against public school teams.  This status is not extended to “travel ball” teams since there is not an educational status required for those teams.  Participation on an NCHEAC team requires prior clearance with the NC Department of Non-public education which is the state agency which oversees both homeschools and private schools.  Therefore, NCHEAC represents the third pillar of school athletics in North Carolina along with NCHSAA and NCISAA.


NCHE Athletic Commission


NCHE Atheletic Commission (NCHEAC) operates under North Carolinians for Home Education (NCHE) to provide leagues and tournaments in the traditional high school sports.


Provide homeschool athletes with the opportunity to participate on a high school level team similar to what they could experience if in a private or public school.


Our homeschool teams consist of only homeschooled athletes and are primarily coached by homeschool parents, many of whom have high school and/or college experience.

We follow the rules of the National Federation of High Schools and have a level of competiveness found on many school teams while preserving a high level of sportsmanship.

NCHEAC teams have been recognized as "sanctioned, non-member" teams by the NC High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA).

We have a level of competition which exceeds recreational sports but does not place undue travel demands on families found with “travel ball” teams.


  • Baseball - Boys
  • Basketball - Boys,  Girls
  • Cross Country - Boys, Girls /  (Team and Individual)
  • Fencing - Coed
  • Golf - Boys
  • Soccer - Boys, Girls
  • Softball - Girls
  • Swimming - Boys, Girls  /  (Team and Individual)
  • Volleyball - Girls



Beginning with middle school age (approximately age 11) thru high school (under 19 years old as of August 1st).


The individual sports of cross country and swimming are held in conjunction with the team championships.  Individual athletes in these sports do not have to be a member of an organized team in order to compete in the state meets.

Team sports above are divided into either 2 regions or 4 conferences as needed for regular season play. Regional tournaments are held in basketball with teams advancing to states. State championships are held in all sports and acknowledged with  trophies or plaques for 1st and 2nd place.  Additionally, state championship medals are given to members of varsity state champions. (In basketball, varsity teams are awarded a banner.)

For tournaments that allow individual participants, individual awards will be given based on tournament specifications .


Teams are picked and compete to assist with college recruiting as sports grow.


Guidelines For Starting a Homeschool Team