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UPDATES !!  10/12/22

Runners can start arriving as early as 8 am.  There is no official course walk.  It is the responsibility of the coach and the runners to know the course.  There will be directional volunteers on the course.    If you would like to preview the course you can do so Saturday morning between 8:00 am - 9:30 am.  See pdfs below for course maps.  If you come to the park on Friday evening you will not be able to practice on the course as a college meet will be in action.  

There will be a mandatory coaches meeting behind the timing tent at 9:15 am.    Please make sure you are present for the meeting.
Coaches and Spectators should park in the gravel lot that is between the gray storage container and the porta-potties.  If this lot is full spectators will need to park in the gravel lot just a little bit down Beeson Rd from the first parking area across the road from the Dog Park.   Team Tents and team areas can be set up in the field where the stage is located.  Please make sure you secure your tent so it does not blow away due to wind.  
You can pick up your team packets when you arrive at the park at the timing tent.    Each runner is assigned a bib number that matches their name.    Please make sure the bib number is placed on the front of the jersey and secured with the 4 safety pins that will be included in your packet.     Results after each race will be posted on the gray storage container.  Please check the results and let Rodney know immediately if anyone is missing that ran in the race.  Results will be posted within 5 minutes after each race.

Below is the meet schedule
8:00 am - Facility Opens
8:00 am - 9:30 am - Course Walk on your own
9:15 am - Coaches Meeting at timing tent
10:00 am - MS Girls 2 Mile Race
10:30 am - MS Boys 2 Mile Race
11:00 am - Varsity Girls 5K Race
11:45 am - Varsity Boys 5K Race
12:30 pm or earlier - Awards

Schedule for 2022 - Saturday October 15

8 am Facility Opens

9:15 am Coaches Meeting

10:00 am middle school girls 2 mile race

10:30 am middle school boys 2 mile race

11:00 am varsity girls 5K Race

11:45 am varsity boys 5K Race

12:30 pm Awards

Team Registration Due September 1, 2022.
Click here

Initial Team Roster Due September 1, 2022.
Final Team Roster Due October 1, 2022.
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Team Payment Due October 1, 2022.
60.00 per team up to 10 runners.  If over 10, then 15.00 per each runner over 10.

Click here to pay.

Individual Registration and Payment Due October 1, 2022
Click here to register.  You can pay as you register or click link above to pay after registering.

Mile Split Registration Due by October 9, 2022 (for teams and individuals).  Click here to register.

Click here for instructions to register as an individual.

Prior years info on the CrossCountry Archive page.