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Individual Forms

Note please read the new rules carefully, there have been extensive changes to formatting and several changes to the rules themselves.  Please take note of Section 13 as this is new not just modified.

Links to forms in the rules may not be working at this time. 

Registration now Open


Note: The new rules are located on the NCHEAC Rules/Guide page and can be navigated from the contents page.  To return to contents page click the Top of Document button at the top of each page.



Forms found on this site are for individuals that need parent/guardian approval.

The Individual Registration Form is for an individual entering a sport when he/she is not part of an official team entering the state tournament for that sport.  If you are wanting to be part of a team, then please see the Sports Offered page for contact information and get on a team roster.  This form is for only when not participating on a team.  Sports such as Cross Country and Swimming allow people to participate being unattached to a team.  These sports recognize team and individuals based on the times they achieve.   

Parents will need to fill out and and agree to the terms and conditions on each form.

Non-recruit/Non-transfer (NR/NT) Form
Programs/teams must make parents aware of this form. NCHEAC asks for the parents to read it and to agree to it, as each of their childen that participates on teams in NCHEAC contests will be bound to the wording content in the form. Parents can fill out the form online (see below) or the program can download and print a hard copy and get the parents to sign and keep in the program's records.  Acknowledgement is to be recorded on the team roster spreadsheet that gets sent in to NCHEAC. If a parent refuses to acknowledge/sign the form, their child is still bound to it.



Individual Registration  - click the link for the sport you want to register an individual for. The form requires parent/guardian acknowledgement. Registration and payment are to be done at the same time. Payment can be made online or send in a check.  Also upload a scanned copy of the individual's original birth certificate.  Emergency Contact is a requirement.  You must download/upload an initialed concussion awareness form.

If you pay using the form here at Sports Engine, you will be charged a process fee.  You can instead pay at NCHE and skip the processing charge fee.

Each athlete and their parent must read and initial the concussion awareness form, and attach it to the individual registration.    The form should be available in the registration, or you can click here to go to the downloads page to get the concussion form.

Individual Registration Link for Cross Country

The Registration "Individual Forms" is not currently available.

For Swimming - go to the swimming page.


To pay individual fee at NCHE - Click Here.   

The Registration "Individual Forms" is not currently available.

NR/NT  - use the above link

A player is bound to the content in the NR/NT form.

Note. - If the AD or contact person of a team wants to download a hard copy and have parents to fill out the form for their program/team's records, then click here to download the form.