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Team Forms

Note please read the new rules carefully, there have been extensive changes to formatting and several changes to the rules themselves.  Please take note of Section 13 as this is new not just modified.

Links to forms in the rules may not be working at this time. 

Registration now Open


Note: The new rules are located on the NCHEAC Rules/Guide page and can be navigated from the contents page.  To return to contents page click the Top of Document button at the top of each page.



Verify Player is Listed in a Homeschool

If player cannot be verified then please do not add to the roster.

Click here to get to the new Program Commitment/Non-Transfer(PC/NT) form to download.

Click here to get to the Concussion Awareness form to download.
Each family must read and fill out the concussion awareness form if the child is participating in NCHEAC athletics.  Must be done annually.

Click the following links to register teams and submit Home schedules.

For Cross Country and Swimming :
If  you are a homeschool individual participant, (meaning you are not part of team that will be participating in an NCHEAC event) - then please do not fill out the team registration, but instead use the following link for the individual registration.

Individual Registration (click here)