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Note please read the new rules carefully, there have been extensive changes to formatting and several changes to the rules themselves.  Please take note of Section 13 as this is new not just modified.

Links to forms in the rules may not be working at this time. 

Registration now Open


Note: The new rules are located on the NCHEAC Rules/Guide page and can be navigated from the contents page.  To return to contents page click the Top of Document button at the top of each page.



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Forms (See following links or use menu bar above)

Team Registration and Home Conference Schedule will be done online. 
Rosters will be done by downloading the official spreadsheet form found on this website and sent in via email to
Payment can be made online here on this website for (individuals) or go to and pay there for (teams or individuals), or mail a check via postal mail.

Click here for Team Forms
(Includes: Registration, Schedule, Payment)

Click here for Individual Forms
(Includes: Registration, NR/NT, JR/SR, Redshirt, Program Release)

Click here for Downloads
(Includes: Roster, NR/NT hardcopy, Concussion (Player/Parent) hardcopy