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    Concussion Training


    All Coaches and Assistants must take the concussion training annually.

    Once on the NFHS page - you must create an account if you do not have one.  Then go through the process of purchasing the "Concussion in Sports" course. It is like you are purchasing it, but it is really a free course.   Go to the Dashboard to retrieve your course. 

    Charlotte Hornets Homeschool Date - Friday, Dec. 27 - 2019
    vs.  Oklahoma City Thunder


    Parents and players must fill out a concussion awareness form. 
    AD's can download the form here and print out copies to give to the families. 
    This is for all team sports AND, also for those who enter as individuals in cross country, swimming, etc.

    Click here for Concussion Awareness Form

    Click here to review guidelines and then see links following the guidelines to proceed to access proper forms. 

    Click here for NFHS Rule Changes

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    you. If you see a sport offered in your area, please email the contact(s)

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    To pay league fees at NCHE - Click Here.

    To pay an appeal fee for program release - Click Here.


    NCHE Athletic Commission

    Welcome to NCHEAC (North Carolinians for Home Education Athletic Commission)

    Please see our Mission Statement on the About NCHEAC tab.

    Please see the tool bar above for the Sports tab. There you can find current information about each sport, such as tournament dates.

    The History tab will show a tab for "Season Results" which will show you the tournament summary of each sport for the current year.  Past years results date back to the 2009-10 school year.

    For existing team programs or for new start-up team programs please see the attachment below for instructions for the registration process:

    Send all forms to : 

    For fees:
    Online - See NCHE website at
    If paying my mail, make check out and mail to:
    4441 Six Forks Rd.
    Suite 106 Box 144
    Raleigh, NC 27609

    Ernie Hodges

    State Commissioner

    Phone: 336-918-9143

    Statement from NCHSAA

    The NCHSAA allows member schools to play non-members. 

    For sanctioning purposes, the NCHSAA identifies schools of the following organizations as approved non-members:

    • North Carolina Christian Schools Association
    • North Carolina Independent Schools Athletic Association
    • North Carolinians for Home Education Athletic Conference (Commission)

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